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Account registration

Password forgotten or lost

Enter your mobile number on the log-in page and click on "Forgotten password".

Once you've received a new verification code, enter it into the FLEXBEEe app. Then you can set a new password.

Keinen SMS Code erhalten

Check if you are in an area with good network connection. Then just click on the Resend button or contact our customer service at cs@easywayde.com. 

Mobile phone number changed 

If you have changed your mobile number, you can also change it in your profile. All relevant information will be automatically kept in your new account.

APP supported on the mobile phone

FLEXBEEe app is currently supported by the following softwere versions:



To find the FLEXBEEe bikes in your area, activate the location services of your mobile phone and allow FLEXBEEe access to your location. To unlock the smart locks please also turn your Bluetooth on. 

Reservation and unlock


1.Choose a bike and reserve it through the app.

2.The reservation of a bicycle is free and valid for 15 minutes. (maximum 10 10 reservations and cancellations per day)

3.Once the bike has been unlocked, your ride can begin.

4.Your original reservation automatically expires after unlocking another FLEXBEEe bike.  

Unlock the bikes

1.You can unlock the bike by scanning the QR code with the In-App Scanner. The QR code is located on the rear sheet metal guard or on the middle of the handlebar.

Alternatively, there is a button at the top right of the unlock page on the app, where you can enter the bike number. You can find the Bike-ID under the QR code.

Return the bikes

Complete the ride 

The smart lock is located on the rear wheel and has a small lever. Push the lever on the lock and then you will immediately hear a sound that signals you that your bike is locked and your ride is automatically terminated.

In rare cases  it can take three to five minutes for the transaction to complete due to different data transfer speeds. If necessary, check if you are outside of the 3G / 4G data areas as the costs will be charged after the completion time.

Business area and return

You can leave the business area as you travel and temporary park your bike with no extra charge outside the FLEXBEEe business area featured in the app.

Make sure that you have parked the FLEXBEEe bike properly in one of our business areas in your city at the end of the journey to avoid additional charges.

Please park the FLEXBEEe bike on one of the designated public bicycle racks, e.g. near train or bus stations, where the FLEXBEEe bikes can be easily found and shared again.

Make sure the bike does not obstruct driveways, emergency exits, building entrances and traffic routes for vehicles or pedestrians. It is forbidden to park within a fenced community, in a building, in an underground car park or where the parking of bicycles is prohibited.

Prices and payment


FLEXBEEe offers different price models.

The minimum rental is 30 minutes and costs 1 euro per 30 minutes for the bike. it costs 0.33 euros until the 30th minute, each additional 30 minutes costs 0.33 euros.

Monthly and annual fares are also available in conjunction with public transport partners, where the first 30 minutes are always free.

Payment methods

With your credit balance you pay for your rides. Once charged, your credit will not expire - even if you do not drive for a long time. Before you rent a FLEXBEEe bike, please make sure your credit balance is charged.

We accept (in addition to direct debit) all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and Paypal as a payment method to transfer funds to your user account.

If you top up a certain amount, we'll give you an additional bonus for your bonus account depending on the promotion, but unfortunately the bonus cannot be taken out when you cancel your account.

Payment delay

If you have not enough balance to pay for your ride, you will be requested in the app to pay with credit card or PayPal. If this doesn't happen, we have the right to contact you. If you do not pay after the first payment reminder by phone or object after 14 days, we will charge extra overdue fines as well as penalty for late payment of tax of one percent of the amount due. After the second payment reminder you will have 7 days until we forward your case to appropriate authorities. You will be charged with any additional expenditure resulting from this matter.

Rules of inviting friends

Every user has a unique invitation code, when you invite a friend to join FLEXBEEe and your friend registers an account in our app with your invitation code, you will get 2 euros extra for the future riding. You can invite as many friends as you like, each time you will receive 2 Euros for your bonus account.


How old do you have to be to ride FLEXBEEe?

You must be at least 18 years old to ride FLEXBEEe.

Do I need a helmet?

It is compulsory for cyclists of all ages to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Helmets have proven to significantly reduce the risk of head injuries in an accident. 

Please note that wearing a helmet is your own responsibility and that you are cycling at your own risk. The laws on cycling may vary in Germany and you should refer to local regulations to see if you are legally required to do so.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

If an accident occurs and you are injured, call 110 immediately or 112 for a medical emergency, to make sure all the important information is documented by the police.

Please notify FLEXBEEe customer service team, after the emergency care is finished and you are in a safe place, with all the facts including police reports, by emailing cs@easywayde.com. We will then provide you with an accident report to complete all details of the accident.

What should I do if I meet some problem with the bike?

If you discover any problems, report them immediately via the FLEXBEEe app to our customer service team. If you notice any problems during the ride that may affect your safety, stop immediately and park the bike in a public car park and lock it. Then please report the perceived problem to our customer service team. The easiest way to do so is to use the detailed feedback tool with the bike sketch, which can be found under the ‘i’ at the bottom right side of the app. Our mechanics will repair the bike as soon as possible. You will not be charged for the trip.

Tips for navigating the streets safely

Here are a few riding tips that all cyclists should follow to help ensure a safe ride:

1. It is mandatory that cyclists of all ages have to wear a helmet at all times.

2. Always drive in the same direction as the traffic.

3. Follow all traffic signs and signals.

4. Stop and wait for pedestrians crossing the street.

5. Do not drive on sidewalks or the like? where cycling is not allowed.

6. Perform regular safety inspection of the bicycle.

a. Check your lights before cycling at night.

b. Check and press the brakes to make sure they are alright.

c. Check if the tire pressure is adequate.

7. Never drive while talking - stop when you need to use your phone.

8. Use hand signals when turning.

9. Do not meander through the traffic.

10. We do not recommend riding a bicycle in rain or snow to avoid accidents caused by gliding.

Feedback and Reporting

Suggestions, feedback and compliments

We are always happy to hear from our customers. Please leave us a message through the FLEXBEEe app or by e-mail to cs@easywayde.com and let us know your opinion.

Report illegal parking/ damage

Notification of illegally parked bicycles 

If you have found a FLEXBEEe bike that has been illegally parked and you would like to contact customer service, please provide us with the bike number that can be found under the QR code and we will try to resolve any problems as soon as possible..You will receive bonus balance as a small thank you for helping us. 

Notification of missing bicycles

If a bike is not there, where it should be after your search result, please give feedback through the FLEXBEEe app. Enter the bike number and the location of the missing bike. We will then try to locate it as soon as possible.

Notification of damaged bicycles and malfunctions 

If you have found a FLEXBEEe bike that has been damaged, vandalized or a bicycle, which items are missing or possibly stolen, please take a photo of the bike and submit it to our customer service team. You’ll find a reporting tool at the bottom right corner ‘i’ within the app, where you can take and upload pictures or indicate the problem through a bike sketch to our customer service directly. We will then take the bike out of service for all necessary repairs. You will receive bonus balance as a small thank you for helping us. 

Charging issues

Still charged after your bike journey has been completed?

If you realise that your journey is still being charged to you after you have completed the renting process:

(1)Make sure that you have locked the bike correctly. You should hear a sound from the smart lock as soon as it is properly. Please allow three to five minutes for the transaction to be completed, as in rare cases the data transfer speeds may differ. 

(2)Please check if your mobile network is in operation.

(3)Try restarting the app on your phone.

If none of the above actions works, please report the problem to our customer service team. Under ‘i’ at the bottom right corner within the app, you will find a button ‘Charging issue’, where you can report your problem directly to our customer service. We will correct the billing accordingly after the review. 

Billing problems 

If you find any billing issues in your FLEXBEEe experience, please send feedback via the FLEXBEEe app or email cs@easywayde.com. We will then make the correction after reviewing the case.  

Problem with the bik

The bike cannot be unlocked

If the  cannot be unlocked, please check if your phone is in a service area and if you have sufficient 3G, 4G, or WIFI reception. If you feel that you are in a mobile service area and you receive data, please report the problem to our customer service team immediately. If another bike is in the immediate vicinity, try to book it. We will try to solve all problems as soon as possible. If the app displays a "Bike is reserved" message, the bike has been booked by another user. Please try to reserve another bike nearby. If the app displays an "Upgrade" message, the bike is under maintenance and cannot be reserved. Please try to reserve another bike nearby.

Problems with the lock

If the lock on your bike does not work properly, try shaking the pawl on the rear wheel. If this still does not work, report the problem to the customer service team via the FLEXBEEe app. Our team will take care of this for you and correct your travel costs accordingly.

If you find a private lock that is attached to a FLEXBEEe bike and prevents you from unlocking the bike, please contact customer service via the FLEXBEEe app. We will arrange one from our team as soon as possible for the review